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Andy Donaldson

Paid Social Tips | Paid Social Media Strategy & Campaigns

Paid social is a twofold marketing channel, it can help direct highly-relevant traffic to your firm’s site, but it can also improve your social channel engagement levels, by encouraging relevant users to interact with your page. If you’re thinking about investing in paid social for your law firm, check out these three tips to help build your social media marketing strategy.

Create a SMART goal

When it comes to your paid social advertising it’s key to create SMART goals and objectives for your campaign; ensure your goal is Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely. Making sure each of your objectives can tick off all five elements is important to stay on track and on budget. These specific goals will also help increase the chances of delivering a successful paid social campaign!

Pinpoint your target audience

Paid social advertising can be really powerful, allowing you to pinpoint your firm’s ideal clients through careful segmentation. You can utilise key demographic information such as age, gender and location but you can also delve deeper, targeting individuals based on income, job, industry sector, interests and even keywords. For this targeting to work, it’s important that you have already thoroughly researched and created your detailed buyer personas. We’ve created these handy buyer persona templates, to help you create your own buyer personas from scratch.

Measure, analyse and amend

It’s crucial that you measure, analyse and amend your social ads throughout the campaign duration. All of the social media network’s paid advertising platforms offer a powerful dashboard for you to measure and analyse the results of your ads in real time, which is key to performance. These platforms allow your firm to monitor how the ads are performing, so you can quickly modify, test and re-optimise them with new designs, copy or targeting parameters. This will ensure your firm obtains the best results from your social media advertising efforts.

Increase engagement across your social media channels with this guide

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