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Susie Hood

How To Get More Enquiries From Your Website

With an average of around 1 million personal injury claims filed in the UK every year, and thousands of law firms vying for the attention of these clients, it can feel like an impossible task to make your own stand out online. Read on for our three top tips to help you generate more personal injury enquiries through your website.

3 top tips for generating more personal injury enquiries

1. Find out the questions people are asking – meet that need in your website content

The way that people use search engines has changed over the years, and is still evolving, especially with the growing use of voice search. Many people now search for specific answers using really detailed questions; so, appearing high up in the search engine results for answering these questions clearly, and in a straightforward manner, can make all the difference when it comes to getting a higher volume of relevant organic traffic to your website.

One way to find out what these questions are is to put yourself in the shoes of your potential clients, using the legal buyer personas you have developed. You can use blogs, articles or an extensive FAQ section to answer as many common questions as possible.

2. Devise a content strategy to move visitors along their user journey

Once you have the relevant visitors on your website, the key is in developing the right content strategy to give them the appropriate information and move them along their journey towards making a personal injury enquiry. It might not be the same day, or even the same month, but making sure that your law firm is kept at the front of your potential client’s mind, because you have shown yourselves to be knowledgeable, accurate in your information and approachable, means that you are much more likely to be the ones they call when they are ready.

3. Include a focused call-to-action in all content

Making the next steps of the process very clear to your website visitors is an important part of moving them towards the strong enquiry stage. Including an effective call-to-action (CTA) on every page will help to direct them on their journey towards the final outcome of contacting you to discuss their potential case. Don’t confuse the issue by providing several options and CTAs; just stick to a single main message to help your visitor to move along their journey.

The ultimate guide to self-generating case enquiries

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