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Andy Donaldson

3 top tips for omni-channel success

Every marketer aims to create and implement a successful strategy. But, when it comes to creating a successful omni-channel strategy, it can become very challenging, with many elements and synergistic strategies to juggle.

So, how can you ensure you build a strong and successful strategy? Here are our top 3 tips!

how to create a success omni-channel strategy 

Take one step at a time

If you ‘re thinking of monetising your Instagram account for your users, but you think you should also adopt a new social channel, such as Google+, just concentrate on one change at a time. Becoming a truly omni-channel brand doesn’t just happen overnight, so slow it down before you start making rushed and quite frankly, below par decisions. You have a reputation to uphold, so don’t go unleashing your newest changes all at once, make sure they fit nicely with the rest of your channels, then you can start marketing it to the masses!

Customer service speaks volumes

Not only do your customers speak volumes, your delivery of customer services does, too. To ensure your customers are satisfied with the quality of customer service they receiving, create a brand guidelines book/PDF for all your customer service representatives to abide by. This way your staff are adhering to the same policies, helping eliminate inconsistencies within the delivery of your customer service. This will give your customer service teams the confidence to appropriately tackle any issues that come their way.

Don’t forget about a mobile strategy

Becoming omni-channel is being able to offer your customers a seamless experience, regardless of channel or device. So, you should think about implementing a separate mobile strategy to the mix. According to Search Engine Watch, a massive 60% of consumers use mobile exclusively to make a purchase. You can see how many users are visiting your website using a mobile device through the Google Analytics platform. This can help you determine how much investment you can initially allocate to this channel. Remember, even though more of your users might be coming from a desktop device, doesn’t mean mobile users aren’t out there, It could mean that your mobile marketing isn’t quite up to scratch!

Want more tips on implementing an omni-channel strategy? Download our step-by-step guide to omni-channel marketing, now!

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