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What is Omni Channel Testing | Omni Channel Tactics Tested

Regardless of sector, any marketer wants to stumble across tried and tested methods of marketing. It minimises time wasted on idea generation and it can help increase your conversion rates quicker. So, what tactics could help increase the success of your omni-channel strategy? Here are 3 tried and tested omni-channel tactics you should implement for your fashion brand.

3 tried and tested omni-channel tactics you should implement

Equip your store assistants with mobile devices

According to Retail Touchpoints, 61.4% of retailers are equipping their store assistants with mobile devices. Brands including Oasis, provide their shop assistants with iPads to help the customer complete their purchase even if the item sought after isn’t in stock. The store assistants will search the brand’s website for the desired item and have it delivered to their home address after the customer has conveniently paid for the item in-store. And it’s not just Oasis sending items from store to home, they’re amongst 42.1% of retailers who now offer this service. It’s this kind of seamless experience that the customer demands, it’s your fashion brand’s job to endeavour to deliver as best you can.

Enhance your in-store experience with Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi access is now almost an expectation anywhere a customer goes, from coffee shops to clothes shops and hotels. With comScore suggesting that 43.3% of the total smartphone audience use their phone in a retail store, this is your fashion brand’s opportunity to bring the mobile experience together with the physical shopping experience. Truly connecting the two channels, with the help of smart and strategic Wi-Fi push notifications, you’re continually helping the customer along the buying process. But which retailers are currently capitalising on this mobile marketing technique? Shoe retailer, Schuh, have already hopped aboard, so make sure your fashion brand doesn’t get left behind!

Personalise your customers’ experience

On-site personalisation has come a long way over the past few years. With brands adopting a buyer-specific persona approach to their marketing efforts, they’re witnessing much more targeted results because of this thoroughly researched tactic. Very announced a few years ago that they were beginning to roll out a personalised approach for every Very user. Greeting them by name and continuing to offer a truly personalised selection of products that could be of interest to that particular user, based off historic purchasing data. The trend of on-site personalisation is set to continue playing its crucial role throughout 2016, using customer data to help strengthen a website’s omni-channel connection with its customers.

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