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Andy Donaldson

Content Overload | How To Overcome Information Overload

Content marketing has grown exponentially over the last several years and currently over two million blogs are posted every day. So just how can your legal firm’s content overcome the sheer overload of content and be found on the web? Well here are three ways to help your content stand out from the rest.

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Make more

One way to make your content stand out is to make more. With more content you produce more web pages which can be crawled and listed in search engines, meaning you increase the chances of you being found. Obviously its key here that your content focuses on different keywords so as not to cannibalise your own content.

Search engines as well as users like fresh content, so a blog that doesn’t get updated on a regular basis can make a user feel like little effort is being put in and therefore lose interest.

However the downside of the ‘more approach’ is that if the quality of your content isn’t high then it will have the reverse effect and your content will be forgettable and lost within the masses.


Make better content

Another approach is to produce better high quality content which is relevant and engages with your audience. Doing this begins with crafting a well-developed claimant persona, which allows you to tailor your content research, writing and distribution to the needs of your target audience.

As well as having a well-documented persona, you can develop engaging content through the use of visuals such as videos and infographics and by producing long-form relevant content that not only helps a potential claimant realise what the issue is they are facing but also helps them solve it.


Be focused

Finally make your content marketing efforts focused. In a world overloaded with content, knowing clearly what your firm and your marketing goals are will allow you to focus your content and get the best results. By tailoring your content not only for your claimant persona but for your business goals you make your content more precise with keywords that will help you be found easier in search engines.

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With these three tips you can help your legal firm’s content stand out from the crowd and overcome the overload of content available on the web. But if your legal content isn’t working maybe you’re making one of these mistakes check out our blog of the most common content mistakes and how to solve them.

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