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3 ways to ensure your content offers get downloaded

Building content offers is a time-consuming aspect of inbound marketing. It’s not just creating the content that takes time, it’s setting up all relevant landing pages and ensuring your blog posts support the content offer perfectly. So to save you wasting your time creating content offers that just won’t perform, we’ve listed 3 ways you can ensure your content offers get downloaded by your audience!

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3 ways to ensure your content offers get downloaded

Focus on creating a title that the user just has to click

People judge a book by its cover, or its title, in this instance. If you’ve created the most interesting and helpful content offer but your content title is a bit flat and not very enticing – there’s less chance your users will click through to your landing page from your call-to-action (CTA).

Creating a title that piques the user’s interest immediately can enormously increase both your click-through rate and your conversion rate – so make sure you’ve put a lot of creative brainstorming into it!

Create content offers with high-value to your customers

If your customers don’t perceive your content offer to be of high-value, they might think twice about parting with their email address in exchange for the offer. For your business, getting hold of a prospect’s email address is very valuable. Armed with this information you can begin to nurture this contact through email marketing techniques, sharing relevant content and offers until they’re ready to enquire about your products or services.

Creating offers such as eBooks, guides or research reports (amongst others) are offers classed as high-value. You’ll need to experiment with these content formats in order to figure out which offers attract and convert the most valuable members of your audience.

Create offers that appeal to different buying stages

Each customer is different, one might arrive at your site at the very beginning of their buyer’s journey, so this is who you’ll be creating your blog posts for. However, another user could arrive at your site almost ready to purchase so it’s your job to help pull them all the way through the marketing funnel so they’re ready to buy. Content offers for the later stages in the buyer’s journey could be a free trial or a demo of your product or service.

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