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How to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate | Improve Conversion Rate

Getting plenty of traffic to your website in the first place is great, but traffic alone can’t transform your business. The thing that really makes a difference is how many of those website visitors convert into genuine enquiries and then stand a great chance of becoming accepted cases. We have compiled our top 3 ways to improve your website conversion rate; to help drive a higher quantity of relevant business your way!

3 ways to increase your firm's website conversion rate

Map out your audience’s user journey

Knowing how your audience arrive on your site (which you can find out via website analytics) is only part of the battle. Knowing why they came to your site is another ball game entirely, and according to Kissmetrics data, around 96% of people who arrive on your website are probably not ready to make a final decision yet. If you know your audience well, you can map out their user journey from when they initially start to think about whether they need help from a firm like yours, all the way through to choosing who to give their business to. Doing this will help to show you how best to meet the needs of your target audience; at every stage of their journey.

Provide clear calls to action

It can be tempting to give website visitors a variety of different options when they land on your website, to make sure that there is something relevant for them to look at next. Whilst there is nothing wrong with this approach on your homepage for general users, if you have designed a landing page specifically for one type of visitor to arrive at your site on e.g. someone looking to make a personal injury claim for a workplace accident, then you will find that the opposite is true. Lots of calls to actions or links to several other pages can really throw a spanner in the works of the user journey that you could expect that visitor to take. By giving them a clear next step to take when they’re on the landing page e.g. a large ‘find out more’ button, you can help them along to the next stage of their journey – pulling them ever-closer to a conversion.

Test, Test, Test

If you have a website which is getting a high volume of relevant traffic, who are following most of your early calls to action, but are still not converting at a good rate, you can consider making a few small changes to your site (one at a time) to see which produces the best conversion rate. You can use conversion rate optimisation (CRO) tools to temporarily change the way your site appears to a portion of visitors to see how they respond. You don’t need to be a web designer or developer to do this.

Something as simple as changing the colour of a button so that it stands out more can actually make a big difference to some websites and how well they convert. Changing the imagery or even the site’s navigation to a section of the visitors can help to show you what your audience prefers and what is most effective in converting users.

Don’t forget to benchmark your conversion rate on all pages you’re interested in testing before you start!

For more detailed advice and much more, download our eBook ‘How to convert your firm’s web visitors into potential clients’ here.

how to convert your firm's web visitors into potential clients!

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