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Helen Jackson

3 ways you can use omni-channel marketing to become irresistible to customers

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As a fashion brand, you’re constantly endeavouring to attract more and more customers who will not just buy one of your products, but continue to return to your brand time and time again.

Here we’re sharing 3 ways you can use omni-channel marketing to become irresistible to customers!

3 ways you can use omni-channel marketing to become irresistible to customers

1. Create target personas

Creating a target buyer persona is what makes your marketing tactics and activities truly focused. The more time and effort you spend honing in on the specific details of your personas is what can make a huge difference to the results of any campaign or strategy you devise and deliver. Once you understand what your personas each want out of their shopping experience and the approach they most favour, you’ve got it in the bag! You can start to deliver exactly what your customers are looking for, making it difficult for the customer to say no to your perfectly sculptured marketing techniques.

2. Trigger emails

So a customer has completed a conversion on your website, whether it’s filling in a form to join your newsletter or buying one of your products, either way you’ve got some valuable information from them – their email address. Setting up an email nurturing automation campaign, can really help keep your brand at the forefront of their mind. From sending them a money off voucher via email, to gently reminding them of past products of yours they’ve browsed, nurturing campaigns can be really beneficial when it comes to increasing your conversion rate and keeping the lines of communication open with the customer!

3. Social competitions

According to Social Times, a massive 28% of time spent online is social networking and with our smartphones practically taped to our hands, interacting with your customers through social media is a guaranteed way to receive brand engagement, particularly if you launch a social competition. Making sure competition participation is cross-channel, this tactic can really help you toward becoming irresistible to your customers. If you’ve researched your target market and created a competition that really speak to them, then there’s no reason your competition won’t get your audience excited!

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