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Andy Donaldson

3 wrong ways to market your firm's content

If you’ve just started with content marketing as an inbound methodology within your digital strategy for your law firm, the volume of content you need to produce can be overwhelming. And even once you’ve written and created your content pieces, how do you even start to promote or distribute it? We’re here to ease your worries and make the content marketing minefield a bit more like a field filled with flowers!

on’t mass distribute to websites or bloggers

It can be tempting to grab random websites and start pushing your content on them. Resist the urge. You’re you wasting your time because, even if the sites all take your content, who’s to say that your target market are reading it?! You need to research these website or bloggers you’re going to approach and set some internal guidelines. Set out your priorities for this content outreaching task, perhaps you’re looking for it to gain social traction, in which case, you’d be looking for bloggers or websites with a particularly strong social following and interaction ratio. Whatever results you’re after, you need to hone in on the websites/blogs worthy of your content!

Do NOT buy email lists

Again, very tempting, but don’t cave in! Building your mailing lists organically is always the route your firm should take. Not only could you be buying old data and thus receive a whole host of hard bounces, but they haven’t expressed an interest in your company, at all. And do you really want your first communication to potential customers to be pushing your services? Even if they are in need of your legal services, spamming them with unsolicited mail is not going to grab their attention (and will look particularly peculiar coming from a law firm!). Take it from us, stick to the organic route and keep plugging your content through this channel, word of mouth is still a powerful form of marketing, particularly for this sector, so don’t underestimate this natural avenue.

Don’t be inconsistent

You need to update your company blog roughly 2-3 times a week with relevant and interesting content. In order for your firm to truly make an impact in the search engines and also to make your readers aware that you’re a source of authority within the legal field, which requires will power, consistent high-quality content production and consistent content distribution and general authoritative outreach. All phases have to be completed with your target market in mind, otherwise your content won’t be catching their eye and bringing them to your website at all! Keep it consistent.

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