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Business Development Tips for Lawyers | Business Development Tips & Tricks

Business development isn’t just down to the sales and marketing teams, it’s the responsibility of every member of staff inside your firm. Everyone should be informed of new digital strategies and any new goals and company objectives.

With that in mind, here are 4 business development tips every lawyer should know.

4 business development tips every lawyer should know

Know your audience inside out

Although you’re not the one gathering and making sense of the insightful data and building the persona profiles, it’s important you have a clear idea of who the firm’s digital marketing tactics are aimed at and the kind of people you will be trying to attract through your website. The more you know about your audience the easier it will be to relate to each person who contacts you about your legal services. If you know their common problems you can help alleviate any worries or concerns they might have easily, increasing their chances of conversion.

It’s important to build your authority within the industry

Whether it’s building out your LinkedIn profile and publishing and sharing new content through the platform, or writing and publishing content to third party industry websites as part of the firm’s content marketing strategy, it’s important you build your authority within the industry. All employees should endeavour to share the firm’s content online when they can, this just helps your practice to increase its exposure.

Keep client communication clear

Communication should be kept crystal clear at all times to keep your clients happy, you’ll reap the benefits through client testimonial that you can then upload to your website to encourage new clients to enquire about your services. 88% of people trust online reviews just as much as a personal recommendation, so collecting positive client testimonials can help to strengthen your trustworthy and credible image as a law firm.

Keep on top of industry news

This sounds obvious, but even though you might keep on top of industry news at the moment, are you sharing any relevant or interesting news across the firm? By sharing any competitor updates or pieces of content other firms have produced, for example, can help inspire creativity within the marketing and sales teams. Fresh ideas should be welcomed from all staff members, regardless of position; this approach can help break down department silos and ensures everyone is behind the new marketing initiatives.

how to understand your potential legal clients

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