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Helen Jackson

Content Marketing For Law Firms & Content Strategy For Law Firms

Content marketing is becoming an increasingly important digital marketing channel within the legal sector. Even though the results aren’t as instantaneous as a paid advertising channel, it can help your firm attract new and highly-relevant visitors to your site.

We’ve put together 4 content marketing strategies for law firms so why not try them out?

4 content marketing strategies for law firms

Give your opinion on timely events

Whether there’s been a big court case ruling, regardless of whether your firm is involved, take a few minutes out of your day and post a couple of hundred words about the proceedings. Jumping on the back of relevant and timely news like this can increase your firm’s exposure in the search engine results. Don’t forget to push it out through your social channels, too, utilising all related hashtags!

Use bright and engaging images

Just because you’re a law firm doesn’t mean you have to use drab and boring imagery. Did you know, articles with images receive 94% more total views? Images can bring your words to life! But always make sure you aim to make your posts engaging and interesting - you want to encourage your users to explore your site.

Show off your firm’s personality

Again, just because you’re in the legal sector, doesn’t mean you have to be faceless and lacking in personality. Letting your personality shine through can help your users connect with you on a more personal level. Once you’ve figured out your brand personality, you need to stick with it; consistency is key to building a strong brand voice.

Focus on your USPs

Why should someone choose to work with your law firm over another? It’s important you don’t over-promote your firm, but subtly highlighting what makes your firm stand out from the crowd, is important. Make sure your USPs are clearly defined on your homepage and all major pages that users land on from search results. In this competitive sector, it’s crucial for your business to stand out. Whether you create an eye-catching company video, like this one, or a stand-out ‘about us’ page, make sure you’re spreading the word about your USP!

Want to make your content marketing stand out EVEN MORE? Check out our 5 killer creative content ideas for law firms. Get ready to combat content marketing once and for all!

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