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Helen Jackson

Retail Conversion Tips | how to increase your conversion rate in retail

As a retail brand, you’ll have many website objectives, perhaps it’s to increase traffic, to improve new product exposure, or maybe it’s to increase newsletter sign-ups. Whatever your overarching site objectives, they’re all leading towards the same thing – and that’s increasing your conversion rate. There are so many obvious conversion rate killers just hiding there in plain sight, so we’ve highlighted the top 6 your retail brand should try and avoid.

4 conversion killers for retail brands

Poor product imagery

We don’t just mean image clarity – this should be a given, no one wants to engage with a retailer who can’t even take a clear picture of their products! No, we’re talking about a selection of images and a zoom functionality. Having a zoom functionality and a material close-up picture, can make a big difference to your conversion rates. ASOS even insert product videos of the model walking in their products, so the user can really see how the material falls. This strategy could help your retail brand decrease product returns – as the user already knows a lot about the product before they receive it, so there’s no big surprises!

Your site doesn’t emit a sense of security

Making the consumer feel they can trust your brand should be a top priority for any business. How can your brand instil a sense of security, though? For a start, if the customer can buy products on your site, you should have implemented https (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure), this appears in the address bar like this: https://www.example.com/. The ‘S’ in https says to the customer ‘pay securely through our site’. However, not many consumers may know what this means, so consider highlighting the payment options available on your site; this is a recognisable element for every customer. You should also think about implementing a review plugin. It was reported by Business 2 Community, that 88% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. (Check out our reviews here!)

Your checkout process is way too long

Whether your checkout process is long or just way too complicated, your user will abandon their basket, possibly never to be seen again. To minimise this happening, take preventative action with an entirely fresh pair of eyes on your site; consider employing a third party testing company such as What Users Do, to test your checkout process from a completely unbiased point of view. Obtaining this kind of feedback can be very valuable when you come to build your new checkout process. Think clear, clean and easy when developing your new process.

Your site doesn’t cater for the mobile user

Econsultancy reported last year that retailers are missing out on £6.6bn a year because of their lack of mobile offering. That’s a lot of money, could you be losing money because of it? Mobile user experience is so important; if your site doesn’t have a responsive site design, or perhaps even a completely separate mobile site, you’re missing a real opportunity to capitalise on a whole new audience.

Does your site tick one or more of the above conversion killers? Get in touch and find out how we can help!

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