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Vicky Foster

4 Examples of how insurance firms can benefit from using Instagram

With social media undeniably a dominating force in many people’s day to day lives, it’s important that every business, no matter what sector, should be considering whether they should be using each platform to their advantage. Of all the social platforms utilised daily by many of us, Instagram comes out on top, with over 500 million daily active users. This figure tells us that Instagram is not, despite popular opinion, necessarily a useless platform for the insurance industry and instead can be an extremely useful way of not only generating brand awareness but also connecting with new and existing customers on a more personal level. Here’s how your insurance company could successfully use Instagram.

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Make insurance more relatable

With Instagram showing your posts to a diverse range of users, it’s the perfect opportunity to show your product to people that would have otherwise would have had little interest in the insurance industry. Depending on your product, there are so many ways in which you can use Instagram’s image grid posts and daily story features to think outside the box. Perhaps you sell a fantastic holiday product and could benefit from Instagram’s travel hashtag and inspiring, exotic imagery or you might even want to conduct a short Instagram stories video of your team, to put faces to the brand. With a growing number of features enabling truly engaging content, there’s no reason why your insurance brand should fall behind.

Use Instagram adverts

Bring your advertising message to life in the form of photos and videos with a paid ad campaign involving Instagram. A lot of people will respond better to something that is visual (e.g. a photo or video) than something that they have to read about, so this is a great way of grabbing the attention of a potential customer and showing your products in a more interesting light. Instagram ads can also be specifically targeted so you can reach your ideal demographic based on everything from age group, interests and gender. This is particularly useful for when you’re selling different products intended for different types of people. An Instagram ad campaign that runs for 6-8 weeks can increase your followers by thousands, drive traffic to your site and generate leads, so can be well-worth the investment.

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Regularly post Instagram stories

Instagram stories are a little more interactive than blog posts and with features such as question stickers and polls, it’s a fantastic way of getting your audience involved in your brand as well as gaining honest feedback from customers. You can also add mentions, location tags and hashtags to your stories so that they reach a wider audience. Instagram stories are a great way of showcasing short and snappy content to really bring your brand to life, which, in the insurance industry is valuable in helping to banish the boring stigma it can sometimes be associated with.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags are a fantastic way of ensuring that your posts, be it a grid post or story, are visible to a wider audience, allowing you to reach a greater range of potential customers. Although your hashtags should be relevant to your post in order to be clearly visible to Instagram users that are searching for a product like yours, you can also jump on the back of popular hashtags that are related to your product, such as the #travel and #wanderlust hashtags for travel insurance and any animal related hashtags should you sell a pet insurance product.

There is a whole world of Instagram out there that could hugely benefit your insurance company and this blog post only touches the surface. If you have an insurance company and feel as though you could be doing more on Instagram or other social media channels, you can read more about our social media services here or, alternatively, get in touch with a member of the team.

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