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Matthew Crehan

Visual Content Creation Tools For A Visual Content Marketing Strategy

Visual content marketing can be highly beneficial to your legal firm’s content marketing efforts, with 65% of senior content marketing executives believing visual assets are core to how their brands are communicated. However visual content usually needs a designer and some expensive creative software. But that doesn’t have to be the case; here are four fantastic and free tools to help boost your visual content marketing today.

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4 free tools to boost your visual content efforts


PicMonkey is a free to use image design and editing tool, mostly aimed at photographs with functions to resize, re-touch and apply filters. But it also allows you to add images, create collages and overlay text. It’s a simple and easy to use tool which shouldn’t take long to master even for the most creatively challenged of us.



Infographics are all the rage, being extremely visual while letting you hammer home the important points, plus with them receiving three times more social engagement than any other type of content they are a powerful form of content to be using. And Easel is a tool which sets out to make it even easier for you to produce them. It has over 900,000 fully customisable infographic templates that you can use, allowing you to change fonts, colours and upload your own brand imagery. Easel comes with a paid premium version but at $3 per month even if you feel you require the premium version it won’t take much out of your budget.



Canva combines some of the tools from both PicMonkey and Easel while bringing it’s very own highly creative and useful design platform, giving you templates for blog images, banner ads and social posts amongst other things. Canva has a really simple and easy to use drag and drop interface with lots of tutorials to help you get the most out of it.



Over on the video side of the visual content world Animatron is a wonderful free tool, allowing you to create fun and informative animations for your legal practice. Animatron gives you a wide range of premade images and sound effects to use or you can easily upload your own brand imagery. It has a clear and simple interface with a large range of tutorials to help you get started and advance your Animatron skills.

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So now it’s time to start getting visual and with these four fantastic tools there should be nothing stopping you, but if you want some content marketing tips then why not check out our blog: 5 CONTENT MARKETING TIPS FOR ANY BUDGET.

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