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Matthew Crehan

Content Marketing Strategy Mistakes For Law Firms

Content Marketing is probably at the heart of your legal firm’s marketing strategy. It’s all about creating, promoting and distributing content with the hope of encouraging readers to take action. But it isn’t always easy to get it right so here are four common content marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.

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4 Content Marketing Mistakes

No strategy

For every aspect of your business you have goals and a strategy of how you can achieve them and that shouldn’t be any different for your content marketing efforts. But far too often firms just say “we need content”, maybe because everyone else is doing it, maybe because they think it’ll give them an SEO boost, so they plough ahead without any real objective.  And yes it probably will have an initial short lived SEO boost, but in the long run without a goal and a plan, how can your content marketing efforts meet the targets of your business.

Not knowing your persona

One of the biggest mistakes that content marketers make is forgetting their personas and the questions they are asking. The whole reason for your content marketing efforts as mentioned earlier should be to create engaging content which encourages your audience to take action. That second part is the benefit to you but the first part is the benefit to your potential claimants and without looking at the challenges they face, how can you produce any form of engaging content?

Not using keyword research

Search engine optimisation and content marketing complement each other throughout the whole marketing process. You don’t want to get too far along in your content marketing strategy without consulting a keyword tool to see just how your contents keywords will perform. You should carry out your keyword research right from the very start of your content process and make sure the keywords you want to rank for are actually keywords people are searching for.

Not analysing your content's performance

Another big mistake that content marketers often make is simply to publish and distribute their content without ever looking back. But by not reviewing and analysing the performance of your content you miss out on important feedback such as what type of content engages best with your target audience and which content has performed well so should be re-used in the future with an update or turned into another form of content such as a slideshare, eBook or webinar.

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There you go, four very big and very common mistakes that you need to avoid in your firm’s content marketing efforts. If you want to learn how you can make some great content for your next campaign why not download our eBook: 9 Content Marketing Tips for the Legal Sector.

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