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Matthew Crehan

Law Firm Marketing Strategies - Personas

Your firm’s inbound marketing needs to be built on the back of detailed and well-researched claimant personas. But many legal marketers struggle to build out their personas, so we’ve pulled together four legal persona marketing strategies that your firm can implement now!

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Begin with what you know

The first persona marketing strategy your firm should be taking advantage of is to look at the information you already have available to you. Your firm has a wealth of current clients that you can use to build up basic information such as demographics, common goals, challenges and the places they spend time online such as social media channels and blogs. All of this will become the base of your legal marketing personas.


What are their pain points?

Your clients come to you because they have an issue which they hope you can help them solve. So by focusing on those pain points when creating your client personas you can flesh out exactly how your services and which members of your firm will be involved in helping to solve your personas issues. You'll ensure that you are crafting content which will engage those personas at the right time in their legal buyer journey.


Carry out research and interviews

If your firm’s budget allows, conducting current client interviews can be immensely helpful when crafting claimant personas.

By conducting interviews and research you allow yourself to build upon that initial base, that you built when looking through the information you already had. Refining the ideas and thoughts that you made when doing so about your ideal clients.

How many questions you ask depends on what you wish to find out and how willing your clients are to be a part of the research process. If you don’t have time to conduct interviews you can always use survey tools on your firm's website to get answers and help build your personas.


Look at things from your personas view

After conducting your initial research and carrying out interviews or surveys it’s time to really get into the mind of your persona and role play how they would interact with your firm.

Choose one of your persona’s pains and look at the process of how they would go about researching that issue, would your firm appear in search results for it? If not how can you get your services to rank for those queries, be it organically or via paid advertising?

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Using these four strategies will allow you to develop detailed legal marketing personas for your firm so as to focus your inbound marketing strategies and generate new business for your law firm.

If you have a business in the financial sector and would like to up your marketing game or receive some expert information about digital marketing for financial services, then get in touch with a member of our team!

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