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Helen Jackson

Law Firm Marketing Strategies

Trying out new digital marketing strategies can be a bit of a gamble, you constantly ask yourself ‘what happens if it fails miserably?’ But, have you thought about what happens if your gamble pays off? You’ll never discover new ways of reaching your audience if you don’t try new tactics. Making mistakes is natural and brings with it a huge learning curve. So what have you got to lose? Here are 4 marketing strategies for your law firm to try in 2017.

4 marketing strategies for your law firm to try in 2017

Automate your social media posts

Save yourself time this year by automating your main social media posts. The posts that are easiest to automate surround promoting your own content, including press releases and blog posts. Automating your posts can help your firm appear omnipresent to your following. Automating your posts doesn’t excuse you from checking into your social accounts, however, you still need to remain reactive to industry news and any comments or retweets your firm’s post may receive – you still need to appear human!

Don’t rule out video marketing

Video marketing is fast becoming an easier channel to consume all kinds of content through. According to Adobe, 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best return on investment (ROI). Even though legal content can be labelled as perhaps not the most exciting of topics, producing video content can help bring your words alive, making it that bit easier to consume by your audience.

Get on board with influencer marketing

Influencer marketing isn’t just reserved for the business to consumer segments. Of course, there aren’t as many legal bloggers as there are fashion bloggers, however, influencer marketing isn’t just all about bloggers! Working with influential industry experts can help elevate your firm’s name further and give you the exposure you require to their personal audience. Whether that’s an audience built up through social communities, or a website audience, working with industry experts is definitely beneficial for your brand.

Develop your content for your audience, not algorithms

Many firms are focused on keyword ranking and while it’s important to have a strong organic presence in the search engines, it’s even more important you create and share content that is highly relevant to the audience you want to attract and convert on your website. When a user lands on a piece of content and all they see if keyword stuffing left, right, and centre, chances are they’ll bounce straight back off your site again. Why? Not only is it very difficult to read and make sense of keyword-stuffed content, but it raises the question of authenticity. Why would they believe what you’re saying when you’re clearly just writing it for search engine purposes?

how to understand your potential legal clients

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