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How To Measure Campaign Performance | Measuring Digital Marketing Performance

There are many metrics your firm can monitor and report on to reveal the performance of your campaigns. We’re discussing 4 of the more important ones for your firm to focus on below.

4 metrics to help you measure your firm's campaign progress

Traffic source

It’s important to understand where your traffic is coming from – which sources are the strongest? Being able to pinpoint exactly where your users are finding you from, can help highlight the channels you should amend and tweak as the campaign progresses, this will help ensure your campaigns are always fully optimised and your performance marketing is firing on all cylinders.

The quality of visitors

Measuring the volume of visitors you’re getting to your site isn’t enough – you need to monitor the quality of visitors. Why? Well you could be getting all the traffic in the world but if it isn’t a relevant audience for your firm, you’re just wasting your money and the campaign will fail to pull in that increase in case enquiries you’re after.

Are you visitors viewing the page they land on and bouncing straight off? If that’s the case and your bounce rate is consistently high, the users coming to your site might not find your services relevant to their needs – in this case, they’re the wrong visitors. Assess the source they’re coming from, is the paid ad they clicked through from promoting an ambiguous offer perhaps? Tweaking ad copy and landing page copy can help attract the right audience to your site.

Social media

Social media can play a big part in assisted conversions. You need to use your social profiles to engage your current followers, drawing them into your site encouraging them to engage further with your firm. Measuring shares, retweets, comments – all post interactions across a variety of social channels, can be a great indicator of how well your content is initially received by your audience.

Conversion rate

The main indicator of a successful campaign is the conversion rate. If you’re converting the right people into new case enquiries your campaign has been as least a partial success. Whether they’re enquiries that will turn into new cases only you’ll be the judge of that. If you’re converting at a reasonable rate but you feel the leads aren’t 100% relevant or useful for your firm, it’s time to go back through your strategy and what you thought your audience wanted, maybe you’ve outlined the wrong approach to ultimately get hold of the audience you want. It’s very much a process of trial and error with your campaigns – but once you strike the balance right, your firm will reap the benefits.

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