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Andy Donaldson

Metrics On How To Measure Digital Marketing Performance

When it comes down to things, looking at what to measure depends on what your legal firm is all about. In most cases your goals will be to increase revenue through cases, but that needs to be broken down into how and then the reasons need to be measured. From a marketing perspective your website conversion rate optimisation goals will be to inform and educate potential claimants, so that you can guide them along their journey and convert them into cases for your firm. To do this you need to measure a number of things across your website and active social media channels. Here are the four main metrics to use to help your performance in the digital space.

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  • Leads – On your website using which ever analytics tools you have at your disposal, be it Google Analytics or a more advanced tailored lead scoring tool such as Lead Forensics or HubSpot, it is key that you are measuring your lead metrics, to show just how successful your website is being in increasing conversion rate of leads to new cases. Though it is worth noting that it does depend what you classify as a lead, you may measure both marketing and sales leads. With marketing leads being a potential claimant who has downloaded or signed up for a mailing list, while a sales lead is someone who has directly enquired about your legal services. By scoring these leads on a priority scale you can help both your marketers and sales teams to focus on delivering the best support and advice to individuals as they interact with your legal firm.
  • Pages – Another key metric to be aware of on your website is your page performance, from the number of visitors, where they come from, bounce rate, time they spend on the page and where they go from the landing page. Again tools like Google Analytics are great for giving you insight into the amount of traffic and sources for visitors, while more advanced tools like VWO allow you to use click maps and heat maps to observe your website visitor’s behaviour. By analysing these metrics you can investigate the performance of your website pages and identify those that are producing a poor conversion rate, along with possible reasons why.


Social Media

The metrics you look at to devise your conversion rate from social media channels will differ to that of your website, as you social media will be more focused on driving conversions from a follower on social media to a website visitor. But there are a couple other metrics that you may look at which will provide you with an understanding of your social performance:

  • Clicks – Clicks are a key metric and tie into the concept of sending users to your legal firm’s website. A low click through rate can be a sign that your social content isn’t engaging enough, and allows you to adjust your content to appeal to more followers.
  • Interactions – This is a bit of a stacked metric as interactions are made up of a number of fields, which should all be looked at individually. Components such as comments and shares are two of the most highly regarded interaction metrics, as they show a user’s engagement with your content and that they feel it is worthy of sharing with their followers. Whereas likes though needing to be measured as part of the overall interaction metric, doesn’t give you a lot of information, as it doesn’t take much effort from a user and it is easy to simply like everything if a user is so inclined.

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There you have it four important metrics to measure the performance of your legal firm’s presence in the digital space.


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