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Matthew Crehan

4 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Isn’t Working

Content Marketing can be a highly effective inbound marketing strategy to help your legal practice generate high value leads, but in a recent CIM report only 30% of marketers considered their organisation to be using it effectively. So here are four reasons your content marketing might not be working.

1. You Don’t Have A Plan! 

Having a detailed and well documented content marketing plan is key to its success, without it you’ll be making content solely for the sake of it and with no clear direction or reason for doing so. Begin by setting the goal for your content, is it to drive website traffic? Or is it to increase sign-ups to a webinar? Now it’s time to build your target personas so you understand exactly who your content is for, which will then allow you to begin building and placing content ideas within an editorial calendar, (why not check out thesefive great content idea for your firm). This not only provides you with clear dates and timings for when content needs to be produced and published but also where that content falls within the stages of the claimant cycle.

2. You’ve Already Given Up!

One of the biggest reasons content marketing fails is because you’ve given up on it to soon, this may be due to not having a plan in place or simply because you’re not seeing the results you want quick enough. The thing about content marketing is it isn’t a quick lead building tactic like PPC, it takes time to develop content and nurture those potential claimants along the sales funnel, from awareness, intent and consideration to purchase and out the other side to evangelist.  So just because it’s taking time to see results you shouldn’t give up just yet, because the leads you do generate will be highly engaged and become loyal and trusted customers.

3. You’re Not Listening to Metrics

Another reason your content marketing isn’t working, is that you’re not paying enough attention to your metrics and you’re simply just posting content. Keeping a close eye on your content performance will allow you to see any trends, be it how certain times of day, week, month or year affect your content, to the placement on the page or simply that your content isn’t interesting enough. So you need to find that fine line between being patient with your content marketing and paying enough attention to your metrics so you can be responsive to issues your content may be facing.

4. You’re Focusing on Quantity, Not Quality

Not only do you have to pay attention to your metrics as we mentioned in the point before, but you also need to find a balance between the quantity and quality of your content. It’s easy to think that if you simply produce a large volume of content, stuffed with keywords that search engines will rank you higher, but that’s not the case. Google’s Panda algorithm, first released back in 2011, aimed to lower the rank of poor quality sites and rank higher-quality sites closer to the top, so it’s important that when creating your content you ask yourself what is its purpose and does it help your potential claimants? If the answer is no, then it’s probably time to re-think the quality of your content.

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