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Andy Donaldson

Social Media Tips For Business

Social media has become a powerful digital marketing channel over the past few years, and it’s a channel that many law firms are now leveraging. So, to make sure your firm is making the most of it, here’s 4 social media marketing tips every law firm should know…

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4 social media marketing tips for law firms

Tip #1 - Develop a strategy

Developing a social media strategy should be one of the first tasks you undertake for your firm’s social media channel; start off your strategy by outlining your goals and objectives. Think about what you want to achieve with social media marketing, is it to increase brand awareness? Or maybe it’s to drive traffic to your firm’s site? As well as your goals you’ll need to understand your firm’s audience, how do they use social media? Which social platforms are they using? Once you’ve answered these questions, it’s time to start building your strategy!

Tip #2 - Be consistent

Once your strategy is in place, you need to ensure your firm remains consistent across all of your chosen social channels. What is it you actually need to keep consistent, though? Well, most importantly, you need to ensure you’re posting on your social channel consistently; it’s important your firm gets into a social posting routine. A social account that isn’t frequently updated, will become an account people won’t bother following or interacting with – you don’t want that!

Tip #3 - Listen to your audience

Listening is just as important as actively voicing your opinion when it comes to social media; social listening can help you generate new content ideas for your firm. Pay attention to what your audience are saying online, are they seeking out advice? Are they expressing a particular problem? All the information you can gather about your social audience, will help you gain further insight into their behaviour and, more importantly, what is it that’s challenging them. This gives your firm the opportunity to reach out and help your audience overcome these challenges.

Tip #4 - Measure your results

You’ve now got a comprehensive social strategy in place, great, but don’t forget to measure the results! If you aren’t able to define what success looks like as a result of your social media tactics, then what was the point in building and implementing a strategy in the first place? As your strategy is rolled out, you’ll need to make adjustments, amending your tactics as you see fit. You don’t want to let your campaigns simply run their course; if you can see that a particular tactic isn’t working well, change it, try something different and measure the results. Tweaking and constantly measuring results, can sometimes be the difference between a successful strategy and failed one.

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