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How To Measure Effectiveness of Social Media Campaign

According to marketing news site, Business2Community, 46% of marketers say they’re not sure whether any social channels have generated revenue for their businesses. We’re here to make sure your law firm can confidently analyse campaign success and measure the effectiveness of your firm’s social media tactics.

4 steps to measure the effectiveness of your firm's social media tactics

Identify key performance indicators

Identifying objectives is a given for all your campaigns, but outlining a handful of key performance indicators (KPIs) can help you keep track of team progress in the lead up to achieving your overarching objective. If you don’t meet certain KPIs you can re-evaluate your social media strategy as you go, therefore, minimising wasted budget through tweaking and amending social strategy as you see fit after monitoring each channels effectiveness in real time.

Make sure your social goals align with the wider objectives

Aligning your social media goals with your corporate objectives will ensure all your tactics are contributing to the wider company goals. If you just have goals solely geared toward your social media channels, such as, increase following by 30%, then your social channels will be aimlessly floating along without a defined purpose.  

Track social media channel through Google Analytics

Google Analytics is something most companies already have connected to their website – it’s a free platform so why not make the most of it? You can track social media referrals as one, or, you can see which individual platforms are contributing the most to your campaign by way of traffic or assisted conversions.

Check out the competition

Benchmarking your tactics against your competitor’s is a great way to see how strong your social media channels compare with the wider industry. Looking at the competition can also help your firm generate new social media content ideas – what are they sharing that’s different to your strategy? Is it getting more interactions? Look to build on top of your own social media strategy, mirroring the hashtags they use, perhaps, or content formats they share – this can help boost the effectiveness of your social media.

Keep all your results aligned regardless of digital marketing channel with the help of our FREE campaign analysis templates. Simply populate the tables with your own data and watch the graphs change to reflect your campaign’s progress. Download your free templates, now!

download your free campaign analysis templates

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