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Helen Jackson

4 time-saving tools every fashion marketer should be using

Marketing tools can be very helpful to any marketer, particularly those that are time-saving! From analysing website interactions to measuring entire campaigns – there’s a tool for every aspect of marketing. But which tools should you spend some more time getting to know, so you can save time in the future?

Here are our top four time-saving tools every fashion marketer should be using!


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Google Alerts-

Chance are you’re probably scanning the internet every day, making sure you’re on top of industry news. Well, even though this isn’t a complete waste of time, we think using Google Alerts will save you at least half the time you’re currently spending trawling the internet. Setting up Google Alerts is quick and easy, so you can monitor the web for a whole host of keywords, with relevant news items and articles sent straight to your inbox!


You should look to adopt a social media management platform, whether that’s Hootsuite or another platform. As a retail marketer, you have a lot of different marketing duties to tackle, so this handy tool will save you time. All you need to do is set aside a small block of time a week to schedule all social posts for the week ahead. You do need to be careful that you continue to glance at all social accounts each day, to check for interactions, complaints or questions.

Moz Bar

The Moz bar can be a real time-saving tool in many ways. The extension tool helps you view at a glance statistics about a certain domain and its pages, a great tool to help you when researching potential blogger outreach opportunities for your fashion brand. For example, you can see how many times a particular page has been shared across social media, the strength of the site domain, whether the blogger or website tends to give ‘dofollow’ links to third parties and much more.


Whether you need to remove something from your image, add a bit of text or change the colour of your image so it really stands out on the page, Pixlr, is a free image editing tool that can come in really useful if you don’t have image editing software on your computer. The tool has many similar features to Adobe Photoshop, including the clone stamp, magic wand and spot healing tools.

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