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LinkedIn For Law Firms | LinkedIn Advertising For Law Firms & Legal Firms

Out of all the various social media platforms LinkedIn is the one with business at its heart. And for a legal frim whether you are B2B or B2C it is the perfect place for both your firm and your solicitors to connect with potential claimants. So here are four great tips to help you use LinkedIn for your legal firm.

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1. Build a relationship

LinkedIn is the perfect social media network to build a relationship with potential claimants. You can widen your connections by looking at your first, second and third level connections. Here you can try to reach out through LinkedIn’s messaging service or utilise already established connection to help introduce you.

2. Create a community

By building relationships with connections and directing people to your firm’s business page you can establish a community around your firm, showing your content, services and events and receive feedback from your community on all of it. You can also investigate LinkedIn groups that your connections are a part of, here by answering questions and being involved in the group’s discussions you can widen your reach and build trust.

3. Share your content

LinkedIn gives you the perfect place to share your content even allowing you to target your post to specific sets of your connections or business page followers. You can also utilise LinkedIn’s very own content publishing tool, ‘Pulse’ to show case your content. Make sure when sharing content that you notify the rest of your firm and ask them to like and share the posts with their connections to continue to widen the reach of your content.

4. Showcase your solicitors

LinkedIn isn’t just a place for the marketing team and your business page. Your solicitors should be using it to connect with other industry thought leaders as well as potential claimants. But when doing this you need to make sure that their profiles have the correct information and look as though they are actually used by a real individual. Here by building a LinkedIn profile style sheet you can provide your solicitors with an aid to guide them in optimising their profile as well as giving them hints and tips to how they can get the best out of LinkedIn.   

 9 content marketing tips for the legal sector

So there you go, four great tips to help you utilise LinkedIn so that you can share your content marketing efforts and connect with more potential claimants. Why not check out this blog to learn about optimising your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn content.

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