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How To Attract Traffic To Your Website | Attract More Traffic To Your Website

When devising a strategy to attract traffic to your law firm’s website, it is important to remember that prioritising quality over quantity is key – it is far more valuable to appeal to a smaller number of relevant visitors than attracting a high volume of irrelevant traffic which will not lead to conversions. Here are 4 simple and easy suggestions to consider in order to attract your target audiences to your law firm’s website.

4 ways to attract the right kind of traffic to your law firm's website

Buyer personas

Buyer personas are an essential part of your law firm’s digital marketing strategy as a whole. Using actual data to target the correct audiences will not only give your overall strategy direction, but it will guide the right kind of traffic to your website. Being aware of who your audience consists of and what they want to know is where you should start – from here, you will be more aware of who you’re talking to when producing content for these specific targets.

Keyword research

To make the most of the content on your website, ensure you have a keyword strategy in place. Find out what your audiences are typing into search engines when they’re looking for specific legal guidance, and go from here. There are plenty of online tools you can use to generate a variety of keywords throughout the content on your site – Google Keyword Planner is a good place to start. Producing keyword-rich content will ultimately attract the right audiences to your website.

Content marketing

Whether you’re well aware of what content marketing is or you simply think it’s a buzz-phrase you hear amongst your marketing friends, we are here to set the record straight – content marketing is a vital ingredient in attracting your target audiences to your website! Whether you’re updating your informational site content or updating your blog every couple of days, ensuring your site is regularly updated with keyword-rich content targeted at your buyer personas is critical in attracting your specific audience.

Measure and analyse

In order to decide whether your digital marketing strategy is effective, it is essential that you measure your site’s performance and analyse the results. Keeping an eye on the data to see if you are attracting your targeting audience and if they are converting will ultimately tell you if your approach is working. Without analysing your site traffic, how will you know if all your digital marketing efforts are working?

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