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Landing Pages Law Firm: Optimise Law Firm Landing Pages

The landing pages on your legal website are the greatest tools you have at your disposal to increase conversion rate and generate new legal cases. So here are four fantastic ways you can optimise your landing pages today!

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  4 ways to optimise your legal landing pages and generate more cases today

Match what you say!

The chances are that the reason potential claimants have ended up on your landing page is they clicked on a PPC ad or a link from social media. In these instances you’ve had control and shared a link to your landing page with a message that you’ve crafted and that has interested your potential claimant.

But that message needs to match what is actually on your landing page!

Far too often marketers construct ads and social messages which grab the reader’s attention and direct them towards a landing page that has no correlation to the message they’ve just come from.

Both your off site and landing page should have a message score, ideally that of 100%, meaning that the title of your ad or message in your social post matches that of the title of your landing pages exactly, making it clear to the visitor that they have been taken to the right place.


The Science of the CTA

Your CTA is the most crucial element on your landing page. You’ve drawn the potential claimant to your site through organic, ad, social, referral etc. and it’s up to your CTA to make them now take action and give them a reason to click.

Be clear with your CTA’s language, don’t use short, vague wording like ‘submit’, instead tell your visitors what it is they are getting ‘download our personal injury whitepaper now’ or ‘arrange a free 30 minute consultation with one of our experienced solicitors today’.

By doing this you provide your potential claimants with a full image of what it is you want them to do and what they will get for doing it.


Build Trust

Your potential claimants aren’t going to stay on your landing pages for long, but in the short time period you have them, you need to grab their attention and show them what you want them to do and why they should trust you.

Here using short testimonials from happy clients, award badges or media coverage quotes can provide your firm’s landing pages with credibility and show your firm’s great reputation.


Keep it simple

When creating a successful landing page it’s important to keep the design simple, this can be done in a number of ways:

  • Aesthetic design – Sometimes designers can get a little carried away with landing pages, but the design should come second to clarity, so remember it is the message and the CTA that are the goals of your landing page, not how pretty it looks.
  • Attention ratio – This is the number of links that can distract and lead your potential claimants off of your landing page without taking action. Ideally your attention ratio should be 1:1. But if you leave your sites navigation on the page and include other links to content you are going to affect your attention ratio in a negative way.

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With these four amazing tips you can optimise your law firm’s landing pages and drive conversion rate.

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