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Helen Jackson

Creative Ideas for Website Content | Creative Content Marketing Ideas

Coming up with new and exciting ideas to market your content, particularly in the legal sector, can be quite challenging. Aside from looking to the competition for inspiration, where else are you looking? We’ve gathered 5 creative content marketing ideas for your firm to try out! Or who knows, maybe one will spark your own idea!

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1. Encourage user-generated content

Encouraging your followers to take part in a competition by taking part in a photo competition can be an easy and fun way to boost your brand awareness. Make sure the photo competition is relevant to your business, such as the funniest health and safety signs (if you deal with slip, trip and fall legal complaints), or perhaps instigate a ‘photo caption’ competition and provide the photo yourself.

2. Create colourful, shareable images

Creating a statistic-led piece alone can fall a bit flat and into the ‘boring content’ section. Make the statistics into a visually impressive piece of content, whether that’s a short infographic, an interactive image or a video. The images can help attract your audience to the piece to begin with, and you’re interesting, short statistics, can help engage them until the end of the post! Maybe even consider creating a comic strip?

3. Don’t be afraid to get involved

If you can’t think of any new and exciting content ideas for your firm, you can always reference and share other peoples’ content. Sharing content can still help boost your brand’s awareness in the digital space, so don’t be afraid to give it a try. Interacting, particularly across the mainstream social channels where your target market are actively involved, can help your brand remain outwardly current with legal affairs.

4. Implement a newsletter pop-up

These pop-ups can get irritating, so ensure it just appears once on the site when the user is visiting. This can be a great way to nudge users into signing up to receive your emails. All naturally sourced, your mailing list could see a nice boost from this implementation. Think about A/B testing this to see if it is worth having on your firm’s site, if not it could increase your bounce rate!

5. Set up Google alerts

Setting up Google alerts surrounding keywords in the legal sector, can help you stay on top of the latest news and general legal content publications without having to trawl the internet. Coming straight to your email inbox, these alerts help you adopt a reactive nature to your social posts and your overall content. If you’re able to turnaround timely pieces of content, the more visible your content will become.

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