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Matthew Crehan

How To Improve Your Content and Improve Website Content Marketing

When producing your legal marketing copy it’s often easy to fall into common traps, but the editing process is there to help you recognise weaknesses and fix them. And by the end of this blog you’ll be armed with five powerful editing techniques that will make your copy more compelling and engaging.

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5 tips for editing your content

Rewrite in the second person

When editing your copy look out for first or third person narrative. Second person is the most engaging form of narrative as it’s so much more personal to your reader. Using pronouns like “you”, “your” and “yours” helps your audience feel connected with your copy and see themselves in the story you are about to tell them.


Isolate important information

With most readers only scanning content, it is important when editing to check if your important content is easily identifiable. If it’s not then you need to think how you can make it stand out, use bullet points and number lists to organise our text, highlight key points and draw the most attention after your headline and subheadings. Also you can bold key words to help them grab your reader’s attention.


Start sentences with trigger words

Words like “imagine”, “remember” and “picture this” are trigger terms that force your reader to not only use the language part of their brain but the visual part also, making your content more memorable. These terms tell your reader that you are about to tell them a story and draws on their memories to help them visualise the events.


Convert sentences into active voice

Active voice means making the subject of each sentence do the action rather than simply receive it. By using active voice you make your sentences stronger and feel more confident. The alternative is passive voice which is weaker and overuse of it is a sure fire way to kill your readers interest in your copy.


Don’t forget to edit your CTA

Towards the end of your content you should have a call-to-action for your reader’s next steps. It’s important that you don’t forget to proof this. You CTA needs to be bold, clear and concise offering your reader their next step and allowing them to feel the benefits of doing so.   

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With these five proofing and editing tips there is no reason your content shouldn’t the best around, but if you want to get some more tips on how to create great content then check out this blog to get five killer content ideas.

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