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Helen Jackson

5 multi-channel tips to boost your conversion generation

There are so many channels now available to us as marketers to help boost our campaign performance. So if you’re not utilising them all, then you’re not generating anywhere near as many conversions as you could be!

Here are five multi-channel tips to help you boost your conversion generation process…

multi-channel tips to boost your conversion generation

You need to blog more

According to a recent Benchmark Report conducted by HubSpot, companies that blog 6-8 times per month double their lead volume. This emphasises the importance of blogging; it’s a highly effective channel for sales generation!

To use your blog post to maximise the chances of a conversion, include links to your landing pages throughout the copy as well as including an obvious call-to-action at the end of the post. This way you’ve covered all angles.

Generating conversions through email marketing

Email marketing is great for communicating with both new and existing contacts in your database. It can help you slowly engage and inform new contacts about your company, and it can help you nurture existing contacts until they’re ready to purchase.

Make sure you’re sending both kinds of contacts interesting and valuable offers relevant to where they are in the buying cycle. It’s great to A/B test your email elements continuously too, this ensures your email is fully optimised and is more likely to convert the contacts in your database.

Don’t forget to include social sharing and email sharing buttons in your emails, just in case your contacts want to share the content with a colleague or a friend. This will increase the exposure of your content, too.

Using social media to generate sales leads

Building a loyal and relevant following on social media can be something that can take years, but is something that your brand should always aim to do as a continual part of your conversion generation strategy. And although this strategy might not earn you the quick conversions you were hoping for, this is a strategy you should continue to nurture as it will definitely pay off in the long run.

Social media isn’t just a platform to shout about your business and its content offers. You need to balance your profile with blog content and sharing valuable information from other Twitter accounts. No one wants to follow an account that constantly spams the feed with their own content.

When you do share your content offers on social media, be sure to include a direct link to the offer landing page. You don’t want to distract the user away from converting, and that’s exactly what you’ll do if you send them to your homepage or another irrelevant website page.

Get your content found in organic search

You want your content to appear in the organic search results when people search for something your content can answer for them. To ensure your landing page is optimised for appearing in the organic search results, follow the below best practices to each landing page:

  • Pick a primary keyword for each landing page and focus on optimising that page for those keyword phrases. Don’t stuff your page full of these keywords, though, you want them to look natural for the benefit of the search engine and the user’s experience.
  • Place these same keywords in both your headline and sub-headline on your landing page.
  • Make sure you don’t forget to include your keywords in your image file names and include a relevant ALT tag, also.
  • Try and include the keywords in your page URLs, too.

Be sure to include links to other offers within offers

You’ve spent so long creating a content offer, so it’s important you use this platform to continue to promote your other offers. The offers you link within the existing offer should still be relevant and easily tie into the original offer.

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