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Susie Hood

Insurance Website Content | Insurance Agency Website Content Writing Tips

In a crowded marketplace, it can be tempting just to try and replicate what your competitors are doing with their website content, to try and make sure that you don’t fall behind. Whilst there is definitely wisdom in keeping half an eye on the competition, your content marketing strategy really needs to be centred around your customers and their needs, in order to really make a real difference.


Know your audience

Understanding who your audience is, is vital to successful content strategy, as it enables you to create exactly what they need in order to answer a question, solve a problem and move them along their buyer journey towards become a customer. If you haven’t got any up-to-date personas, it could be worth spending some time on working out your main audience groups and their major pain points and barriers to buying insurance. Using personas when planning and creating content helps to ensure that everything you’re doing has a strategic objective.

Understand your customers' user journey

Knowing how to get a customer from their initial awareness of the problem they are trying to solve, through to them becoming a customer, can be complex for insurance firms; but, it’s essential to have a firm understanding of the types of online routes your customers travel to take out a policy, so that you can produce targeted content which helps to move future customers along that journey more quickly. Use your analytics platforms, tag manager and third party page tracking tools to better understand how your users interact your website.

Answer their questions better than anyone else does

These days, people use more natural questions when using search engines, whether that’s the traditional way of typing in a query, or via voice search. Creating content which answers the questions that your potential customers are asking, in a clear and effective manner, is what can make all of the difference in bring relevant traffic to your site. It can also result in you achieving ‘position zero’ in search engine results pages, if your answer is seen as so useful that it’s promoted to a Google answer box.



Solve their problems

You already know who your potential customers are, and what their pain points and barriers to buying are; you already know the questions they want answering before they choose an insurance provider. The next step is to produce content that helps them solve a problem. If budget is a major issue for them, produce content that helps save them money; if lack of time is the major concern, produce easily digestible content which will help save them time and effort. Producing content which gives a little expertise or insider knowledge away for free can feel like dangerous territory, but it does foster trust with your target audience and can make the difference between someone visiting your site once, to someone who has multiple touchpoints and eventually becomes a customer.

Use different content types for different customer groups at different stages of their journey

Not all of your personas will want to see or digest the same kind of content, and certainly not all types of content are relevant at all stages of their various user journeys. Some of your audience may not have the time to read long blog posts, but can skim an infographic easily, or have the time and attention span better suited to watching a video summary of a how-to article instead. As you learn more about your audience and how they interact with different types of content, you’ll be able to shape future content strategy on the information you get whilst testing.

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