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Helen Jackson

Fashion Bloggers Instagram Tips & Top Fashion Hashtags Instagram

Born in 2010, Instagram has rapidly grown throughout these last 5 years, managing to accumulate a substantial 300 million monthly active users. With over 70 million photos being shared on a daily basis, you can’t afford not to captialise on this social platform phenomena.

The image-led platform is the perfect social channel for your fashion brand, but how can you build your instagram following organically? Well, here we share our top 5 tips!

5 tips for increasing your fashion brand's Instagram following

1. Share outfit images

Sharing not just a product image, but an outfit image can inspire your customers to browse your site rather than just blatantly pushing your products out for sale, you’re encouraging them to connect with your brand. Creating that ‘must-have’ outfit can help create a buzz around you’re latest collections.

2. Choose your filter wisely

You might think that your choice of filter doesn’t impact user interaction that much, it’s what you think looks best, right? Wrong. Research conducted by Shopify suggests that the most preferred filter is #nofilter, but apparently, it’s not the most effective. In terms of average interaction the Mayfair filter performs much better.

3. Steer away from video

Instagram’s 15 second video uploads is still yet to receive the desired traction. Track Maven reported that photos still take the lead with an overwhelming 96%. There’s still time for the measly 4% video upload preference to increase, after all, it was only released in 2013!

4. Carry out hashtag research

Heard of Websta? Formerly known as Webstagram, this is a tool you can use to carry out a bit of hashtag keyword research. Not only can this help give your brand hashtag inspiration for your posts, but it also gives you a popularity figure of how many times a specific hashtag has been used on Instagram. Perfect for making sure your posts are easily searchable.

5. Interact with the Instagram community

It’s all well and good sharing images, content and including relevant hashtags, but if you don’t interact with others, you could struggle to increase your following. It’s important to interact with not only your followers, but your competitors’ followers as well. Why? Well, you want to achieve or sustain that competitive advantage, right?

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