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Content Idea Tools | The Best Tools For Content Ideas

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If you’re looking at this blog, then content is probably a big part your legal firm’s digital marketing strategy, or at least, you’re hoping it will be. But having to come up with new and creative ways to help bring potential claimants to your website and then eventually reach out to you isn’t always easy, sometimes your brain needs a rest. That’s why we’ve collated this fantastic list of tools to help you generate new content ideas.

1. Ideas from your audience

Your audience is the perfect place to look for new content ideas but instead of navigating the web to find where they all go to talk, you can use tools to create small surveys which can be attached to blog posts. Here you can ask a simple question like “What  topics would you like to see discussed next?” therefore allowing you to see exactly what visitors to your blog want to read about and what you should be writing about. Qualaroo is a premium insight tool starting at around £55 per month but if you’d prefer to budget per completed survey then Google Consumer Surveys is the tool for you.


2. Keywords to ideas

Knowing the keywords you want to rank for can be great for numerous reasons including coming up with fantastic new content ideas. Google Keyword Planner allows you to search for similar keywords and see how they perform so you can get ideas for other pieces of content that relate to your already published content. Similarly Übersuggest also allow you to generate new content ideas through keyword suggestions, producing keyword ideas in alphabetical order. 


3. Ideas from the news

The latest news be it world, national or industry specific can be a great source of help in creating new and relevant content. Google Alerts is a tool which allows you to set specific alerts in relation to keywords such as a competitor’s name or a specific location and then receive notifications when they are mentioned in any Google news indexed story. Another great tool to help generate new ideas from the news is Content Strategy Helper V3, this a Google sheet which you can access here, and allows you to search for a keyword and then pulls any relevant news story mentions from Google News, Bing News, Reddit and even some top Tweets.


4. What content works best

Buzzsumo is a great tool for allowing you to see what forms of content for your chosen keywords work best. Simply type in your keyword or phrase and it will pull through the top content about that topic, letting you analyse the backlinks and social shares that the content received to help you get an idea of the best performing format for your next piece of content.


5. Time for a title

After looking at keywords and the best type of content for your chosen topic, you need to come up with an eye-catching title. Luckily HubSpot, Portent and Contentforest all have fantastic tools for you to use. Simply type in your chosen keywords and click submit, the tools will then generate a number of title ideas for you (these may need a little tweaking to get them just right).

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So there you go five tools you can start using today to help you generate new and creative content ideas. We’ve also got an ace eBook which features 9 great content marketing tips for the legal sector, so why not download and have a read?


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