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Helen Jackson

6 common omni-channel marketing mistakes

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, every marketer makes mistakes – it’s how we learn! But, continually making the same mistakes, can be kind of hard to forgive. So make sure you avoid these easy-to-make mistakes, before they even get anywhere near your brand!

Here are our 6 common omni-channel marketing mistakes.


1. You get so carried away with the design of your site, you’ve forgotten to think about the customer journey.

You might not like the placement of the checkout button but, if it helps your visitors convert, you’ll have to get over it! Customers come first, always remember that. If you struggle to get into the customer mind-set, consider hiring a user testing company to help you with your research.

2. You haven’t actually used your customer research data to inform your strategy. 

Just going through the motions and sending out some customer surveys is the easy part, it’s what you do with all that valuable information afterwards that matters most! Actively implementing your customers’ feedback, can help make your customers feel valued, and best of all, you’ve made changes to your site that have been highlighted as weak areas from your target personas, so you should hopefully see some positive results from these changes.

3. You’ve failed to train your customer service staff.

According to the Customer Satisfaction Index, a massive 60% of UK consumers prefer a balance of price and service, and will not accept low service levels in exchange for a lower price! So, if you thought your customer service didn’t matter as your products are as cheap as chips – think again!

4. You’ve focused on the social media channels you like, but are your customers actually on them too? 

If the answer is simply ‘no’, then you’re probably wasting time and resources updating that particular channel. It’s important you carry out research into exactly which channels best-fit your target personas, otherwise your channel will lack direction, interaction and an overall decent audience engagement level.

5. Your social media followers aren’t relevant to your brand.

By this, we mean setting out to boost your following, whether that’s paying for followers or obtaining ANY followers you can find, gaining both these kinds of followers is a real waste of time. You need to be able to market to your target audience in order for social media to become a worthwhile, conversion-assisting channel to your brand!

6. You haven’t got a cross-channel measurement strategy.

What’s the point in trying to implement a strategy that aims to deliver a seamless customer experience, regardless of device or channel, only to find you can’t learn from past mistakes or, likewise, successes without a coherent measurement strategy? So, start planning your measurement strategy way before you implement any of it.

Worried about implementing your omni-channel marketing strategy for your brand? We can help you with our step-by-step omni-channel marketing guide, get yours now!

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