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Matthew Crehan

6 Tools to make you a legal conversion rate expert

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO), is a relatively new field of marketing expertise, breaching the gap between SEO and content, with SEO looking to optimise your search ability and content aiming to provide relevant and engaging content. Where CRO comes in is it allows you to investigate how your legal website is performing and bring in new cases for your firm through optimising of your onsite elements. But if you’re unsure of where to get started with CRO then check out these six tools which will turn you from beginner to Legal CRO expert in no time at all.

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1. Conversion Rate Experts Blog

Aside from the obvious name Conversion Rate Experts are one of the industry leading experts on CRO and their blog features numerous advanced conversion rate tips, tricks and case studies. There’s also a great infographic that they created with KISSmetrics which shows nine steps to better conversions.

2. The Definitive Guide to Conversion Rate Optimisation (QuickSprout)

Neil Patel one of the great marketing gurus is well known for his series of guides published on his QuickSporut blog. And one of his most recent guides is an eight chapter eBook on how to increase your conversion rate. The guide is one of the most detailed out there and will definitely help you become a legal CRO expert.

3. Which Test Won

Which Test Won is a great website releasing a summary of an A/B test each week. Its purposes it to let you test your conversion rate knowledge by selecting which design be it the control or variable you feel had the best performance, before showing you the tests actual results. It’s a great tool for testing your understanding of conversion rate and getting some more unusual ideas of what might  just work for your legal firm to increase conversions.

4. Guide to Conversion Rate Optimisation (SEO Gadget)

There is a great inforgraphic that SEO Gadget produced which you can find over on Moz that details both the good and the bad ways you can get started with conversion rate optimisation.

5. Conversion Optimisation Case Studies (KISSmetrics)

Though conversion rate is all about testing what works best for your legal website, KISSmetrics has a great blog post which presents you with 100 conversion rate optimisation case studies that you can study and learn from, to help with your firm’s CRO plan.

6. Unbounce blog

Unbounce is a popular distributor of landing page optimisation software. But their blog is a fantastic resource with hundreds of blogs on the topics of CRO, A/B testing, landing page optimisation as well more generic marketing topics. The articles on the blog are a valuable resource for keeping up to date with what is going on in the CRO marketing space.

 Legal Podcast 2 - Gathering data for your CRO strategy

So there you have it six amazing tools which will have you go from legal CRO beginner to expert in no time at all, but don’t forget you can check out all of our legal CRO content here as well and get some great insight into building your CRO strategy and what mistakes to avoid.

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