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Matthew Crehan

Social Media Marketing Tips For Beginners

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Billions of people spend time on social media each day, so if your legal practice isn’t already using it then it’s a great tool to add to your marketing strategy to help increase the volume and quality of potential claimants coming to your site. But where do you get started? Well, here are seven tips for every social media beginner in the legal space.

1. Know your claimants

The very first place you should begin is thinking about your claimants, which social channels will they be on and what they’ll be using them for. There is no point posting on Pinterest if none of your desired audience is using the platform.

2. So many platforms

There are so many different social media platforms to choose from, luckily if you followed tip one and identified which channels your desired audience are using, you won’t have to waste time being on platforms which will see very little return for your firm. Instead you can focus your time on those main platforms used by your audience and expand to others in the future, if you need.

3. Find and follow influencers

Now you are on your desired social channels, you should find and follow influencers in the legal sector to see what sort of things they're posting and what gets the most user engagement, allowing you to get ideas of what might work for you.

4. Connect your website and platforms

Not only do you want people to come to your firm’s website but you want them to stay connected with you through social channels, this way you can keep them up to date on your practice’s news and bring them back to your site in the future. So make sure to put linked social icons on your website and connect your various platforms together.

5. Share interesting content

The content you share needs to be interesting and engaging for your followers. Visual content such as infographics and videos have huge potential to interest your audience due to their easily digestible nature and even have the chance of going viral if they’re creative enough. Why not check out these five killer creative content ideas.

6. Routine and consistency

Now you’ve built lots of interesting content on your site, it’s time to share that with your social followers but don’t just post everything in one big go, create a social calendar and spread your posts across the day, week and month.

7. Finally be patient, social media is like fishing “cast your nets and they will come”.

 9 content marketing tips for the legal sector

So there you go seven fantastic tips for social media beginners. But don’t forget you’re going to need some great content to share, so check out or eBook: 9 Content Marketing Tips for the Legal Sector to help you get started.

If you have a business in the financial sector and would like to up your marketing game or receive some expert information about digital marketing for financial services, then get in touch with a member of our team!

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