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Matthew Crehan

Email marketing content tips: how to write effective email marketing content

Email marketing can be a great conversion tool for your legal practice, but its success usually hinges on how good your copy is. Here are eight quick tips which will help you write amazing copy for all your email campaigns.

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Write great email copy for your legal firm

Keep it simple and strong

Once a recipient opens your email you only have moments to get their attention so keep both your layout and your copy simple and strong. Bold key words and bullet point your main points to help make them stand out.


Talk about benefits

If your email is about your legal services or a new eBook you want readers to download, focus your copy on the benefits. It is easy to write about the features of your legal services, but the fact is people don’t care, what they want to know is how those services will benefit them. So make sure your copy clearly lays those benefits out.


Align your copy with your subject line

The most frustrating marketing tactic is to use an eye catching subject line and then have an email that has nothing to do with it. So don’t be one of those people, and build trust with your readers by aligning your email’s content with that great subject line you spent time crafting.


Know your audience

The more detailed of a claimant persona that you have the more you will be able to understand your audience. By understanding your audience you can tailor your email copy to them.


Have a single goal

Just as you should imagine you are speaking to a single person, you most definitely should only be emailing for a single purpose. By defining exactly why you are sending the email you can make sure your copy focuses on helping you achieve that goal, be it to inform about a new legal service or inviting the recipient to an event.


Sense of urgency

As already mentioned once a recipient opens an email you have mere moments to get them interested. Here it’s important to create a sense of urgency around your copy and you are offering the recipient.


Power words

To engage readers in your email you should use sensory and emotional words to attract attention. The use of personal anecdotes and using pronouns like “you” helps to engage the reader and build a connection.


Ask questions

In your email copy ask questions to your recipient as if you were speaking directly to them. This does two things, firstly it makes them think about your copy and the question you are asking and secondly it gives them something to contact you about.

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So there you are eight tips to help you write amazing copy for your legal email campaigns. Want to get some more content tips then download our eBook: 9 CONTENT MARKETING TIPS FOR THE LEGAL SECTOR.

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