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Helen Jackson

A beginner’s guide to becoming an omni-channel fashion brand

Even though omni-channel is a fairly new marketing term, it’s suddenly cropping up everywhere. But, how can your fashion brand actually become omni-channel?

We’ve put together a short beginner’s guide to help you out. For a more detailed account of understanding and implementing an omni-channel strategy, download our eBook below.

Step 1 Analyse your current digital marketing channels

You need to fully understand your current digital marketing channels before you look to adopt new channels or before you decide to get rid of any existing channels.

Step 2 Select your new channels

Of course, there might not be any channels you’d particularly like to adopt. Always listen to your customers, are they requesting a particular channel? And check out the competition, what are they doing? Should you be doing it also?

Step 3 Determine your cross-channel strategy

There are many things you need to take into consideration when determining your strategy including, communication and defining your Customer Lifetime Value (amongst many others). This is a crucial part of becoming an omni-channel fashion brand, so take your time and ensure you’re ready to implement your strategy properly.

Step 4 Determine your cross-device strategy

Creating and successfully implementing a cross-channel strategy, simply isn’t enough when you’re looking to become an omni-channel fashion brand. You need to create a succinct cross-device strategy as well. Your customers are accessing your site through all kinds of devices, and you need to cater for them.

Step 5 Check out fashion brands currently embracing omni-channel

This is a great way to draw inspiration for your own fashion brand. Learning and adapting from some of the biggest fashion giants, so it’s suitably moulded for your buyer personas, is certainly an exercise your brand should partake in.

Need a more comprehensive step-by-step guide? Download the below eBook. Or get in touch on, 0800 011 9715.

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