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Matthew Crehan

Content marketing user experience, a user experience content strategy

Providing visitors to your legal firm’s website with a great user experience should be one of your top priorities, but how exactly do you do that? One of the best places to begin is with your content. Content provides you with a place where you can guide and advise potential claimants, by answering questions they may have, and showing them what they can do next.  The four tips below will help you to craft great content which will make your users experience so much more enjoyable.

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 provide great user experience with content


Easy to scan

Most internet users interact with webpage content by scanning instead of reading it in detail. So when designing your content you need to keep in mind how you can make it easy for readers to scan. Things like making sure titles and subheadings stand out as well as keeping paragraphs to a certain length and using bullet points or lists to break up large chunks of text, can all help make a page easier to digest.

Whitespace is good

When designing the layout of your page it’s important to consider the whitespace. Whitespace can be just as useful a tool as the content itself, allowing you to highlight key elements of the page. By giving your content room to breathe, whitespace allows your users to focus on the essential information you’re providing them with as they scan your content.

Contrasting colours

When producing your content, selecting contrasting colours for your text to your websites background is important. Most websites go for the standard white or lighter colours for the background with text being in black or grey to contrast. But for websites with a different coloured background it’s really important to look for those contrasting colours. The other example where this point is key is when producing visual and graphical content such as videos and infographics. Here it is key that any text you use to overlay the imagery is on contrasting colours to that of the background so that it can clearly read.

Think font

Though it may be appealing to use more elaborate and potentially eye catching fonts for your content, these can often make it difficult to consume content. Instead your legal firm is better off sticking to a more recognisable and easy to read font. It’s also important to be consistent with your chosen fonts across your website as using too many different fonts across your website can make your content less readable. 

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There you have four ace tips which will help you design your content and give your legal firm’s web visitors a great user experience.

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