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Top Law Firm: The Top Law Firm In Organic Search Results

It’s important to be able to confidently benchmark yourself against your competitors in the legal sector, so what better way to do it than through our digital benchmark report? Our report uncovers the 20 best performing UK law firms, in terms of organic ranking vs revenue – and the 20 worst performers!

So to give you a taste of what’s inside, we’ve revealed the top performer when it comes to organic ranking when taking into account firm revenue.

top organic performing UK law firm

Bott & Co take first place when comparing organic rank and revenue

Coming in with an organic ranking position of 24 out of 206 law firms, Bott & Co come straight in at position one for the incredible difference between their revenue and organic rank. Their overall revenue is ranked at last position out of all the top 200 UK law firms. This clearly demonstrate that revenue shouldn’t be an excuse when it comes to the performance of your firm in the organic search results.

What is it the top organic performers doing well?

Over the past few years, there has been an increase in the adoption of content marketing across the UK legal sector. In 2015, Econsultancy reported that 64% of firms ranked content marketing in their top three most effective digital channels, and since then it has continued to increase in popularity. Firms can use content marketing to build trust with their audience (amongst other things) and building trust and credibility as a firm is important.

In this age, with the ease of accessibility consumers have to company information and reviews, much of this information cannot be controlled by the law firm. It is therefore important to continue to reinforce trust across the channels the firm does have sole control over, including; blogs, websites and other owned media outlets, such as organic social media channels.

It was reported by the Law Gazette, taken from a YouGov survey, that less than 50% (42%) of 1,702 adults trust lawyers to tell the truth. This highlights how content marketing can go some way to help combat the 58% of adults who do not. 

The other nine law firms making up the top 10 organic performers vs revenue are:

  • Bindmans
  • Ramsdens
  • Morrisons
  • Wright Hassall
  • Stephensons
  • Thorntons
  • Co-operative Legal Services
  • Mayo Wynn Baxter
  • BTO

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