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Ruth Fishwick

ASA release updated #AD regulations for 2019 Love Island stars

ASA release updated #AD regulations for 2019 Love Island stars to remove social media ambiguity.

Love Island 2019 is drawing to a close and as the contestants transition from villalife into newly formed influencers, retail brands are making their move to secure brand partnerships with this year’s hottest stars and a flurry of paid-for social media ads.

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However, in a bid to ensure complete transparency from Love Island’s newest Instagram influencers, the ASA has partnered with ITV to ensure all of this year’s Love Island contestants are equipped with clear guidelines on how to declare paid-for social media posts, ensuring their #loyal followers understand the stars are being paid to advertise brands and products on their news feed.

Love Island contestants are a rare breed of influencer. Upon entering the ITV2 villa, their social media following grew and as their popularity soared in the villa, so did their audience reach. As did their ability to earn substantial amounts of money from brand collaborations, upon returning to the UK as they are thrust into the world of influencer marketing.

With each Islander set to cash in from their appearance on the show, ITV bosses have collaborated with the ASA to ensure each contestant is prepared with set guidelines on how to correctly declare paid-for social media posts and clearly tell their followers that a post may contain a gifted product.

The newly released guidelines outline the proper process of social media declaration and how to place hashtags within posts on Twitter and Instagram, in particular. With the rise of Instagram Stories and IGTV, lucrative deals can be struck between a contestant and a brand; contracting the influencer to a set quantity of paid-for posts, which could contain direct product promotion, gifted products, ranging from clothing to beauty products, homeware and even holidays.

Within the factsheet for the contestants, the ASA has highlighted key points for the Islanders to action when sharing collaborative content. These include being completely authentic within the wording of each post and telling their followers when a post or IG Story has been paid for, ensuring that all posts are correctly labelled as an #AD when payment or gifting has taken place and declaring any discount codes or affiliate links.

Total transparency with posts is a big factor when posting ads and whilst the Love Island contestants are aged 18+, it’s important to remember that their followers may be younger and adverts containing alcohol brands, slimming aids and gambling should not be targeted at under -18s.

Reality TV stars have been at the fore-front of ASA investigations, with stars fromshows such as TOWIE and Geordie Shore hitting the headlines for posting ambiguously in the past. Now ITV and the ASA are working together to educate the Love Island contestants on the proper way to conduct social media ads and partnerships, upon leaving the villa.

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