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Why Is Outreach Important | Drive Traffic With Outreach

If you don’t already outreach content, then this post is the perfect read for you! Outreach marketing plays an important role when trying to attract more visitors to your firm’s website. Check out our tips on why and how you can go about outreaching content for your own firm below.

attract more web visitors by outreaching your firm's content

What is outreach marketing?

Outreach marketing is the process of seeking out individuals, such as bloggers and influencers, and organisations that are relevant to your firm and the services you offer. The end result is hopefully these individuals and organisations sharing your content with their audience, all to obtain an increase in your firm’s exposure.

Publishing content to your own site isn’t enough if you want your campaign to gain traction. Outreach marketing is the perfect digital marketing tactic to shine a positive light on your firm and its knowledge and expertise in the legal industry.

Why should your firm bother with outreach marketing?

Outreaching highly relevant content helps build the authority of your firm. It highlights your firm as an expert in its niche; the more often you outreach your content, the more exposure your firm gets – it’s as simple as that. And the more exposure to the right audience you get, the more relevant visitors your website it going to get. It’s important you create a variety of content to fit each stage of the audience’s journey, this way you’re increasing your chances of converting different members of your audiences at different stages of their journey.

Outreaching your content can also help to retain current clients. When they see content that positions your firm as industry experts it can re-affirm their choice in yourselves as their legal representation.

So, where should you be outreaching your content to?

In short, anywhere your audience is! As part of building your audience persona profiles, you’ll have grasped a good idea of where they visit to find information and other sites where they value the content shared. If you’re struggling to pinpoint the sites your audience visit, it’s a good idea to analyse the backlink profile of your competitor’s site. This exercise will help you determine who is linking to them – there might be a chance these websites could be interested in taking content from your firm, too!

To analyse the backlink profile of your competitors you can use tools such as Moz or Majestic. Good luck!

Outreaching your content is the third step in our four-step process to attracting more visitors to your site. Find out what the other three are by downloading our guide, now!

How to attract more visitors to your firm's site!

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