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[VIDEO]: Why use Facebook to advertise your business and how does it work?

Facebook can be a powerful yet confusing medium in which to advertise your business. Why use Facebook? How does it work? What are the latest advertising options and what should I expect to get..

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Why Text is More Important than Images in Fashion SEO?

Fashion is a visual industry. It’s all about how things look, selling an image. In traditional fashion marketing images, visual content is king, however, in SEO the opposite is true. Search..

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Fashion Influencer Marketing | Fashion Industry & Influencer Marketing

When everyone from ASOS to Zara, from high street or online to designer labels, are using influencer campaigns as part of their marketing output, it can be tempting for any fashion brand trying to..

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What is programmatic display advertising and why does your company need to start using it today?

You may have heard the phrase ‘programmatic display advertising’ bandied around the digital marketing sphere of late. It is one of the industry’s latest buzz words and it is likely to..

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What is programmatic display advertising and how’s it changing the travel market?

Programmatic display advertising is already taking the UK by storm. According to a study conducted by eMarketer, the UK is a market leader and programmatic display advertising will account for..

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Display Advertising Strategies

Programmatic display advertising is one of the fastest growing digital channels. According to Zenith’s Programmatic Marketing Forecasts, the digital advertising medium is due to grow 31% in 2017...

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What kind of digital marketer are you?

Whether you’re fairly new to digital marketing or a bit of an old hand, you can take our totally non-scientific quiz to find out what type of marketer you are. If you’re someone who loves a bit of..

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Digital Marketing in Insurance | 3 Mistakes You Should Avoid

Mistakes happen, that’s how we marketers find out what works and, consequently, what doesn’t! But sometimes when you know about common mistakes to avoid, avoiding these mistakes can help you save..

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Insurance brands: one question to ask your digital marketing agency

If you work in the insurance sector and you work alongside a digital marketing agency, you need to question why they’re so fixated on your search positioning.

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Get impressive results for your insurance brand with programmatic display

Programmatic display is a relatively new tactic when it comes to the digital marketing mix, and is one of the top converting channels for the insurance sector.

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