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Hit Search shortlisted for 'Influencer Marketing/Outreach company of the year' Blogosphere 2019 Award

VOTE HERE: https://www.blogosphere.biz/awards/#vote 

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Digital vs Traditional: Which PR style is most useful today?

The age-old debate of digital versus traditional has once again reared its head and this time, it involves the effectiveness of PR methods – both new and old. The purpose of PR, on the whole,..

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Key strategies for retailer's success online

It’s no secret that having a searchable website is key to your business’ growth and success and that understanding search engine rankings really can make or break a business’ web presence. Every..

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Three Retail Brands thinking outside the box with their Content Strategy

According to Adweek, It is now said that 81% of shoppers will actively research a brand before shopping their products, which proves the importance of the image of your brand - how your brand..

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Should your Brand be Working with Micro-Bloggers or more established Bloggers?

When brands are choosing bloggers to work with, they are, naturally, drawn towards those with tonnes of thousands of followers with professional imagery and a shed load of views on their videos...

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Love Island: How challenger brands have leveraged the social conversation

If you haven’t been living and breathing the past 46 episodes, checking the Twitter hashtag for the latest re-coupling drama and voting via the app to ‘save’ your favourite dynamic duo then you’ve..

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