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How Google’s organic search features can help you generate enquiries for your firm’s website

I previously wrote about key strategic principles for legal marketers to help attract quality traffic to your firm’s legal site. Today, I’ll be doing a deep dive into Google’s organic search..

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How to increase targeted traffic to your firm’s site: key strategic principles for legal marketers

If attracting great-quality leads to your firm’s legal site is your ultimate campaign goal, take a look at the steps I’ve outlined below to avoid attracting unqualified traffic which may..

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Back to the Future 2.1 – Will Amazon Echo & Google Home play a big part in our lives in 2017?

It’s incredible to think how well the writers from Back to the Future 2 predicted the connected home of 2015 where Marty McFly encountered video chats, tablets and talking hologram ads similar to..

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Penguin 4.0 goes real-time and more granular than ever before | Hit Search

The news is out. Penguin 4.0 is officially running in real-time and in all languages as part of Google’s core algorithm update.


What is Penguin?

Since 2012 Penguin has been a major signal in..

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Will Ex Machina Take My Job? Machine Learning & the Role of the Digital Strategist in 2016

From Terminator to Ex Machina, machine learning has always been a sci-fi phenomenon, but robots and artificial intelligence now play an increasing role in our working lives. In 2016, few topics..

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