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Become a legal conversion rate expert with these 7 best practice tips!

Looking to begin building a conversion rate optimisation strategy for your legal firm? Then these seven best practice tips are sure to help you impress and begin increasing the number of cases your firm generates through its website.

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Become a legal conversion rate expert with these 7 best practice tips

1. Reduce form fields

Though it would make your life easier to have a million form fields and capture every bit of data that you can from potential claimants, it’s not going to make them want to fill it in. So reduce the number of form fields, and only ask exactly what it is you need, by doing so you can see significant improvements in your conversion rate.

2. Don’t use cheesy stock photos

Your legal firm has got a whole host of friendly faced employees that your claimants would much rather see than the cheesy grin of a stock photo model, that just looks fake and reduces the credibility of your website. In a study by Market Experiments, they found that a website that replaced stock images on their homepage with a picture of their founder saw an improvement in conversion rate of 35%.

3. Test your CTA buttons

Use A/B testing to test different versions of your call-to-action buttons, be it a change in text from ‘download’ to ‘get offer now’ or the button's placement or design on the page. By A/B testing your CTA you can see what performs best and allow your firm to implement the best performing CTA design across your legal website.

4. Place your CTA above the fold

Both HubSpot and Unbounce after having conducted various studies and A/B tests, found that placing your CTA above the fold can increase conversion rate. Here potential claimants have been drawn in by your content title and now on the blog may be quite happy to that next step when presented with your CTA. You can test using both in-text and display style CTAs.

5. Give your landing pages a clear headline

Headlines are one of the most important components of a landing page. They are the thing that a potential claimant sees and has the role of both persuading the visitor to take the next step while also making it clear what exactly that next step is.

6. Create Urgency

One great practice to help your firm is to create urgency in your content be it the title of your latest blog or in the CTA to your latest offer. Urgency creates a mind-set that action needs to be taken now or your potential claimants will miss out.

7. Make it easy to get in touch

Make sure that your firm’s contact information is easily available and clearly visible. Place your firm’s phone number and email address in the top right corner of your legal website as well as including it in the footer.

Also let your visitors see where they can follow and connect with your firm via social media channels. Your firm may also want to use contact forms or even provide a live chat function during office hours for a great user experience.

Download our Legal CRO eBook

So there you have it seven best practice tips that will help you go from legal marketing beginner to expert in no time at all and help increase your firm’s conversion rate today.

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