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Become an unforgettable brand with the help of marketing automation

Firstly, what is marketing automation?

Marketing automation is simply automating certain aspects of the communication between your law firm and its clients. You can automate a variety of repetitive communication tasks from social media to email marketing and website actions. There are many different platforms that can help you automate these tactics, which will inevitably free up some of your marketing resources at your law firm. Platforms include separate automation tools such as social media-specific platforms like Hootsuite or Sprout Social, to fully-integrated automation platforms including HubSpot and Marketo, to name a few.

How to become an unforgettable brand with marketing automation

Social media automation

There are many benefits to automating your social media posts with social scheduling platforms. Social media marketing automation can help your firm nurture its following with highly relevant content that you will have created specifically for directing at your target audience.

P.S. If you don’t know exactly who makes up your audience and what their pain points are, don’t panic! You can create your detailed target personas with these templates.

4 benefits of social media automation

Firstly, you can monitor multiple social streams all in one place – great!

Whether you’ve got Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts – or more, you can monitor them all without leaving your social scheduling platform of choice. Not only does it save you time logging in and out of each channel separately, but it will mean you’re more on the ball when it comes to noticing and responding to comments, complaints and overall social interactions.

Secondly, it can minimise accidents!

Social media automation tools can help eliminate multiple posting or accidently replying to the same tweet more than once. Have a centralised location for all of your social channels, helps you keep track of which tweets have been replied to and when they were answered. If more than one person has access to all your social accounts, then accessing them all from the same place really can help you keep on top of communication.

You can monitor your social progress with ease

Most social scheduling platforms come with a free reporting function. Receiving these reports automatically in your inbox on a weekly basis can help you identify weaker channels, and can also help you understand how your audience is interacting with your channels.

Lastly, automating your posts can save you time

Automation can free up some of your marketing resources, allowing you to focus on more pressing marketing tactics. Writing all social posts and scheduling them ahead of time to coincide with an event you’re having, perhaps, or a webinar you’re hosting, can help your marketing stay focused, rather than having a sporadic approach to social media.

P.S. Just because you’re automating your posts, doesn’t mean they should sound like they’re automated. Don’t forget to let your firm’s personality shine through; make them personable and engaging for your audience at all times!

Email marketing automation

Email automation can present your firm with a fantastic opportunity to specifically nurture your leads based on actions they’ve completed through your website.

What do we mean by actions?

If they’ve signed up to your newsletter or filled in an enquiry form, or maybe they’ve downloaded an eBook you’ve created. Whatever action they’ve completed, you can then create detailed and targeted email nurturing workflows to drip market your legal services to them, based on the path they’ve taken through your website.

Sounds complicated? It’s actually relatively straightforward…

For example, if someone has downloaded your eBook, you might want to make them aware of other, similar, downloadable resources available to them. You can prompt them to download another of these resources through your triggered email path. The aim of email marketing automation is to nurture your contacts until they feel they’re ready to make an enquiry about your services. Staying at the forefront of their mind is of utmost importance for your firm.

In a survey conducted by Econsultancy, 60% of 84 legal marketer respondents, place email marketing as the second most effective digital channel for their law firm. With more people reading emails from businesses than click on ads or connect on social media, it’s time your firm starts creating a comprehensive email marketing automation strategy.

3 email marketing automation workflows your firm could implement:

A topic-related workflow

These workflows centre on a particular content offer download. The workflow can then send out emails containing other relevant content, content that when downloaded, will give those particular customers more information surrounding the topic of the eBook. If the eBook topic was surrounding UK statistics for Road Traffic Accidents, for example, the next content to send them could be relating to how the claims process works, then perhaps directing them to a case study you’ve built around a successful win for another client.

Newsletter subscription welcome workflow

If someone has signed up to receive your newsletters and this is their first interaction with your site, you need to create a workflow that slowly introduces your legal services to them. A great way to segment your newsletter audience straight away is by getting them to categorise themselves. For example, if you specialise in more than one kind of claim, you can create monthly newsletters for the different claims. So when someone signs up to the personal injury newsletter, you’ll know they’re at least interested in the personal injury-related content.

Re-engagement workflow

We all have contacts who inevitably forget about us, or perhaps they’ve been too busy to visit your site. You can get them to re-engage with your site through a time-triggered email workflow. Within your marketing automation software, you can create a chain of emails that are sent to those contacts who have not visited your site in a specified timeframe. Just because they’re disengaged. Doesn’t mean they no longer require your services!

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