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Best law firm social media examples [with pictures]

You’re probably already active across a whole host of social media channels, but are you utilising them to promote your content in the best way possible? It can be difficult to catch the eye of your current followers, never mind acquiring new ones!

We’ve gathered together a few law firm social media examples to help you out!

Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance are one of the world’s leading law firms and when it comes to the LinkedIn platform, they demonstrate strength and knowledge. With over 50k followers and a high level of post interaction, they continue to prove their strong, authoritative position in the industry. Their posts stringently adhere to an interesting news strategy across LinkedIn, using the platform for exactly the kind of content distribution it’s built for.

Clifford Chance LinkedIn


Linklaters have adopted a fairly involved attitude when it comes to their social media channels. With active profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter and even YouTube, Linklaters are certainly on the ball within the social sphere. With 10k followers on Twitter alone, their following actively interact with their Twitter posts consistently. Linklater content distribution is clean and tidy with the use of the Bitly link shortener and coupled with the use of relevant hashtags and a clear and concise message, the user understands exactly what they’ll be getting if they click on the link provided.

Linklaters Twitter


Weightmans LLP are another great social media example. Creating their own images for use in their social media posts, keeps the branding consistent and helps create an eye-catching post. This particular post example shows Weightmans are very on-topic with their news stories. The use of the relevant hashtags, particularly #TalkTalk, will help boost the visibility of the post the more popular the hashtag is.

Weightmans Twitter

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