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Susie Hood

Biometrics, neuroscience and seasonality in online retail

Whatever type of retailer you are, there are likely to be seasonal influences that mean your target audience are looking for certain things from you at particular times of the year, with a variety of different motivations. Understanding your audience and the impact of seasonality on them is key to making the most of these seasonal changes and ensuring they become opportunities to present the right kind of messaging, offers and appeal to your audience and maximise your revenue.

In this post, we look at some of the ways in which biometric data and neuroscience can be utilised to help retailers better understand how their audience interact with retail websites at different times of the year.


How can biometric testing and analysis give audience insight?

There are a few different ways to gather information on how your target audience responds to seasonal changes in terms of their shopping motivations and behaviour. However, as some of these aspects are usually rumbling on in the shopper’s subconscious, you won’t be getting a full picture if you simply run a survey or focus group.

This is where biometrics and neuroscience can come into its own. This combination of technology monitoring physical responses that the person probably won’t be aware that they are making, and the analysis of this data in relation to what the user is doing at the time, can give incredible insight into how people are relating and engaging (or not) with what they see and do when online.

Brain activity, galvanic skin response, pulse rate and eye movement can all be measured with biometric equipment that ties the involuntary physical responses to the activity they are engaged in or what they are seeing at the time.

By carrying out biometric testing and analysis on a number of people that closely match your buyer personas, as they follow specific instructions, patterns of behaviour, reactions and responses can be mapped, which can give strong indications about how they feel about your website or advertising material.

How does the science help with seasonal retail marketing?

Involving a cross-section of your target audience, to test your website and marketing content at various times of the year can help to build a picture about what types of content and online experience will prompt the most positive audience engagement and push people towards purchase during various shopping seasons. For example, the right kinds of creative, imagery and products to promote positive engagement and responses during the post-Christmas lull that many retailers experience in January and February, or how to best appeal to Valentine’s Day gift seekers and provide a better, smoother buying experience for all.

Perfectly complementing your other audience analysis and campaign development activity, neuroscience and biometrics can deliver important insight to help shape your future marketing strategies and meet your business objectives.

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