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Biometrics & Neuroscience for CRO: What does a conversion rate strategy informed by this data look like?

If your online business invests in advanced CRO testing using biometrics technology and neuroscience to see how your target audience are currently using your website, it’s important to understand how the analysis will be presented and how the insights can be used to implement a transformative CRO strategy.

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 At Hit Search, when we run these types of tests on websites, whether in the insurance, retail or any other sector, we have an end-to-end process to follow that helps ensure the things that we test and measure will provide the most useful and actionable insights to your business or organisation.

Essential pre-test analysis

Before we come anywhere near people with EEG caps, heart rate monitors and eye scanners, we ensure that we have a deep understanding about your business and your sales funnel, so that we can best identify the areas of the user journey on your website that are not performing as they should and will have the most impact on your bottom line if these problems can be overcome.

Using an insurance website as an example, we might find that there are problems at certain stages of your funnel, where a disproportionally high number of people drop off. Identifying these points and building a test strategy around them will help to focus the data gathering phase on the right areas.

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We have previously overviewed the biometrics CRO testing and data analysis process here, so will jump straight to the feedback that is provided once the data-backed insights have been determined.

Building a CRO strategy from biometrics and neuroscience insights

Once we have analysed all of the data points collected and the qualitative interview with each test subject, trends and patterns of behaviour and responses can be identified and these findings form the basis of our report and the recommendations we make.

We also like to study these CRO elements alongside other user data, such as from conventional CRO tools and your website analytics, to give a fuller picture as the strategy is formed. All of our CRO strategy recommendations are backed by data and could relate to anything from page design or navigation structure to copy tweaks or creative content ideas.

biometrics & neuroscience

We present our recommendations and the data that led us to make them, so that business owners can gain deeper insight into how their customers think, act and unconsciously respond to what they find during their website journey, and why.

During the course of our tests and analysis, we often discover other areas of the user journey, outside our immediate remit for the project, which would benefit from further investigation and testing. Our recommendations may include hypotheses for further tests or areas of the user journey to explore, and the business case for doing so.

For more information about our approach to improving conversion rate and overall user experience for insurance brands, CLICK HERE, or alternatively feel free to get in touch today on 0800 011 9715 or Enquire HERE!. 


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