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Helen Jackson

How To Use Buyer Personas | Buyer Persona Marketing

In this post we’re sharing 3 content marketing tips to help your firm attract its buyer personas. It’s important when you’re building your personas, that you use a combination of qualitative and quantitative data, both these research techniques will ensure your persona is built as close to your ideal customer as possible without detracting away from a realistic perspective.

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Here's 3 tips to connect with your legal buyer personas, we hope you find them useful!

Communicate with your legal buyer personas with these 3 tips

Tip #1: Find out what social channels your buyer persona is active on

Establishing whether your buyer persona is active on Facebook or LinkedIn, or perhaps Snapchat, even, can really begin to help you mould your social content channel strategy. If it turns out they’re more active on Facebook, perhaps you could feature a sponsored post to position your firm directly in front of your audiences’ eyes or create a visually impressive infographic that’s easily shareable amongst their friends. If it’s LinkedIn, perhaps creating a group specific to your legal niche would encourage them to interact with your firm, these actions can help open the lines of communication between your firm and the potential client.

Tip #2: Find out their communication preferences

Whether your persona would prefer you drop them an email or pick up the phone, working out which communication method is best, can greatly enhance your chances of communicating with them effectively. At the end of last year, Trading Standards Scotland monitored more than 500 people and found that they received an average of 60 nuisance calls a month. That’s a lot of calls. Not only would you be expending energy marketing to people who will never respond via email, or take your phone call, you’re going to associate your firm with nuisance calls, and that’s a reputation you could probably do without. So do your research around this topic and figure out how best to communicate to your personas.

Tip #3: Pinpoint their challenges and goals

If your firm can pinpoint the persona’s challenges, then you can created tailored content to help highlight you’re the best firm to help them overcome their challenges and ultimately reach their goals. Whether their challenge is associated with finding a law firm who is trustworthy or whether it’s simply finding a law firm that fits their unique legal situation, whatever the challenge is, once you’ve pinpointed it, you can then start strategising to build relevant content that resonates with your audience and ultimately brings them to your site to explore further.

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